Description of Membership Types:

Regular Member: possess an earned baccalaureate or higher degree in science or medicine or the academic equivalent of the above, and be currently engaged in professional activities commonly associated with cytokine and interferon research.

Emeritus Member: Members who have retired or become emeritus of his/her Institution may apply to the Council for admission to emeritus status. Emeritus Members pay a reduced membership fee and but shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of Members. Emeritus members of the ICS and ISICR shall automatically remain as Emeritus members of the ICIS.

Student/Post Doc: Postdoctoral fellows, graduates or undergraduate students involved in cytokine and interferon research or closely related academic disciplines, shall be eligible to become Student Members. Student Members pay a reduced membership fee so long they annually certify to the Society that they are engaged in full-time academic studies or research. Student Members are entitled to all rights and privileges of Members, including eligibility for society awards.

Lifetime Member: Members over the age of 55 may pay a once in a lifetime fee of $500 to remain an active member without having to renew dues ever again in the future.

Membership Dues       One Year       Two Year      Three Year
Regular Member               $60.00             $ 110.00          $160.00
Emeritus Member            $20.00             $   35.00           $  45.00
Student/Post Doc                n/a                       n/a            $  40.00

Life Member*                   $500.00 donation
* must be over 55

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