Nominations for 2020 Milstein Award and 2020 BioLegend William E. Paul Award

The Seymour and Vivian Milstein Award for Excellence in Interferon and Cytokine Research, represents the pinnacle of scientific achievement in interferon and cytokine research. This Award is bestowed upon a leading biomedical research scientist, who may not be an ICIS member, who has made outstanding contributions to interferon and cytokine research, either in a basic or applied field. Many laureates have made seminal advancements that have enabled the successful treatment of disease or have the potential to lead to significant health benefits.  The award consists of $10,000 (may be split if there are more than one award winner) and an invitation to make an oral presentation during the Opening Ceremony at the Cytokines 2020 in Seattle immediately following presentation of the Award (including the usual invited speaker travel reimbursements and complimentary registration) and a crystal block. This award is provided by a generous gift from the Milstein family–Vivian, her late husband Seymour, their son Philip and their daughter Constance. For more information, please visit:

ICIS-BioLegend William E. Paul Award: This award is given to an investigator that has made significant contributions to cytokine and interferon research throughout their career. Through the generosity of BioLegend, the award consists of $2500 and up to $2500 travel reimbursement to present an awards presentation at the Annual Meeting, and a crystal block with the 3 D structure of IL-4, the cytokine most associated with Dr. Paul’s research.

Submission Deadlines:

5 March 2020: The Seymour and Vivian Milstein Award for Excellence in Interferon and Cytokine Research and the ICIS-BioLegend William E. Paul Award

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