Nominations and Submissions for 2020 ICIS Young Investigator Awards

Milstein Young Investigator Awards: ICIS members who have received a Ph.D or M.D. within the previous 10 years are eligible for this Award. Every year up to five awards are granted to individuals (must be ICIS Members) who have made notable contributions to either basic or clinical research. These awards are $1,500 each, the funds provided by a generous gift of the Milstein Family as well as commemorative plaques.

The ICIS Amanda Proudfoot Tribute Award is bestowed on an individual whose research on chemokine biology has had an impact on the field early in his/her career. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are eligible for this Award. This annual award is presented at the annual ICIS Meeting. This awards is $1,500, the funds provided by individual donations, as well as commemorative plaques. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 3 JULY 2020, 23:59 PT

Sidney & Joan Pestka Graduate AND Post-Graduate Awards in Interferon & Cytokine Research The Sidney & Joan Pestka Graduate and Post-Graduate Awards are targeted to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who have begun to make an impact in interferon and cytokine research.  The Awards were originally designed to fill the gap among the YI awards offered by the ICIS to more senior investigators—the Milstein Young Investigator Award and the Christina Fleishmann Award. Candidates must be actively working in interferon/cytokine research but need not be ICIS members. Each award amounts to a $3500 cash award, $1500 travel grant, a $2500 PBL Assay Science product credit for each awardee, and a complementary one-year ICIS membership. These awards are sponsored by PBL Assay Science.

The Christina Fleischmann Award to Young Women Investigators: The rules for this ICIS award are the same as for the Milstein Young Investigator Award (see above) except for gender and the candidate must have received a PhD or MD degree  within the previous 10 years. This award is made possible through the generosity of  the Fleischmann Foundation and is dedicated to the memory of ISICR member and outstanding interferon research scientist Christina Fleischmann. This award is open to young  women investigators working in the cytokine, chemokine and interferon biology. The award is $2,000 provided through a generous grant from the Fleischmann family, and a commemorative plaque.

Submission Deadlines:

15 June, 2020: All the Young Investigator Awards (Milstein Young Investigator Awards, Christina Fleischmann Award the Sidney & Joan Pestka Graduate and Post-Graduate Awards and the new ICIS Amanda Proudfoot Tribute Award). Winners of a Young Investigator Award must plan to submit an abstract based on their work described in the award nomination/application, register and participate the Annual Meeting, Cytokines 2020, (now Virtual), and make a remote oral presentation based on work described in the YI Award Application.


Young Investigator Awards are chosen by the ICIS Awards Committee based on the strength of the application.

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Please include a DRAFT copy of the Abstract you plan to submit to Cytokines 2020, the actual abstract is due by the 3 July 2020 deadline through the Cytokines 2020 online abstract form. If the Young Investigator award applicant/nominee is selected for a YI Award, she/he must be 1st Author on the Cytokines 2020 abstract and will be invited to give a remote oral presentation at CytokInes 2020 Virtual Meeting. PLEASE NOTE THE DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR THE NEW AMANDA PROUDFOOT CHEMOKINE AWARD EXTENDED TO 3 JULY 2020, 23:59 PT *
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